Race Records

Mark Hadley of Boardman (left) and Nick Elswick of Chardon (right) after finishing the fastest boys race in the history of the Spartan Invitational.  They both broke the existing boys meet record, with Mark finishing in 15:07.8 and Nick in 15:08.7.  At the time they were the two fastest times in the nation that year.

Record Year Athlete Name School Time
D-1 Boys 2013 Mark Hadley Boardman 15:07.80
D-2 Boys 2012 Austin Pondel CORRY AREA, PA 15:44.71
D-3 Boys 2012 Corey Glines St. Thomas Aquinas 15:37.81
M.S. D-1 Boys (3k-retired) 2014 Chris Ruszkowski Mentor Memorial 9:51.00
M.S. D2 & D3 Boys (3k-retired) 2015 Micah Blair Woodridge 10:06.20
M.S. D-1 Boys (3200m) 2019 Matthew Biddell Mentor Memorial 10:50.00
M.S. D2 & 3 Boys (3200m) 2021 Luke Snyder Rittman 10:56.0
D-1 Girls 1992 Jenni Brown Salem 17:44
D-2 Girls 2017 Leah Roter Beachwood 17:36.80
D-3 Girls 2011 Alexandra Markovich Gates Mills Hawken 18:41.20
M.S. D-1 Girls (3k-retired) 2017 Savannah Dennison Mentor Memorial 11:05.00
M.S. D-2 & D-3 Girls (3k-retired) 2012 Maddie Dunlap Carrollton 11:25.54
M.S. D-1 Girls 2019 Jayla Atkinson M. Falls Kimpton 12:02.00
M.S. D-2 & D-3 Girls 2019 Alyssa Sauro Williamstown 12:09.00
Boys Course Record 2013 Mark Hadley Boardman 15:07.80
Girls Course Record 1996 Katy Radkewich Beaumont 17:17.00